BrewCon 2016

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“Building on the success of last year’s phenomenally well received conference; we have once again focused on offering Irish brewers a truly educational as well as enjoyable experience.”

Thomas CarrollPresident of the NHC

After the success of last year’s first homebrew conference, aimed solely at all levels of brewers in Ireland, BrewCon 2016 was back and was held on Saturday, 23rd April in Dublin, at the historic Smock Alley Theatre.

Once we again gathered a wide mix of industry experts and a sell out crowd experienced great talks from all aspects of the brewing community, including professional brewers and highly qualified brewing scientists.

One of the premier aims of the National Homebrew Club is education of our brewers, with this is in mind the conference was aimed at furthering their education by putting together a day of talks and discussions in a friendly and informative atmosphere.

Keynote speaker:

Gordon StrongPresident of the BJCP

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Gordon Strong is an award-winning homebrewer, beer judge and author. He is the author of Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers, and Modern Homebrew Recipes. He is the only three-time winner of the coveted Ninkasi Award.

Other Speakers:

  • Dr. Bill Simpson, Cara Technologies – specialist in Beer Flavour Standards
  • Chip Walton, Summit Brewing / Chop & Brew blog, podcast and webshow
  • Dr. Gearoid Cahill, Alltech – Dublin Beer Cup Head Judge
  • Rory Sheils, ex Master Brewer
  • Dr. Peter Dudley, Water Treatment Specialist
  • Brendan Murphy, Award Winning Homebrewer


Former NHC President Rossa O’Neill, is on the couch with Alex Lawes, Head Brewer, Rye River Brewing Company, discussing his journey from homebrewer to professional and fielding questions from the audience.

Some of the highlights at BrewCon 2016 included:

  • Speciality Ingredients – Chip Walton from Chop & Brew will discuss how to get the best out of speciality additions such as spices and fruits.
  • Water Treatment – How to tweak your water profiles to match distinct beer styles.

With the usual high quality lunch, sample beers & refreshments, it was followed with a drinks reception – showcasing some of Ireland’s finest commercial and homebrewed beers.

The infamous BrewCon Swag Bag returned – including vouchers for your favourite homebrew retailers, commemorative BrewCon 2016 materials (pen, pad, etc) to keep all your notes in one place, an issue of “Zymurgy” Homebrew magazine (with some great recipes, news, etc), and even more extras on the day…