Saturday, 5th October 2019

The Joy of Beer


Ron Pattinson, Historical Beer Researcher is a British beer writer and historian who lives in Amsterdam. Ron's European Beer Guide has pointed countless beer lovers in the direction of good beer across Europe. He writes in excruciating detail about beer history, mostly of British beer styles.

Marshall Schott started Brülosophy in February 2014 as a place to share and discuss the results of the brewing "exBEERiments" he was regularly performing. He began homebrewing in early 2003 while living in Bellingham, WA, USA.

Philip Woodnutt of Wicklow Hops Company will discuss how newly discovered yeasts can be used and what to expect from them.

Ron Pattinson

Historical Beer Researcher

He has wasted the last two decades of his twilight years researching and obsessing over many beer-related topics. He has a regular column on beer history in BeerAdvocate magazine. His published works include a book on brewing historic beers called "The Home Brewer's Gude to Vintage Beer" and the definitive work on Scottish beer and brewing, the snappily-titled "Scotland! vol. 2", they are mostly significant for their single-word titles, such as "Porter!", "Mild!" and "Bitter!" and their enormous page count. He is married and the father of two sons in their twenties, neither of whom have yet bothered to move out, despite numerous hints.

Marshall Schott


He began homebrewing in early 2003, following a move to California, Marshall brewed irregularly until earning a PhD in psychology, at which point the obsession really kicked in. While he appreciates most styles, he has a particular fondness for simple lager beers. He lives in Fresno, CA with his wife and 3 kids and dabbles in songwriting when not making beer.

Philip Woodnutt

Wicklow Hops Company

WHC Lab is a laboratory-based brewing science company supplying liquid & dry yeasts. They also provide a comprehensive beer analysis, available for all breweries trying to maintain a high quality and consistent final product.

Mini Talk sessions

With a more dynamic approach to this year's format, you’ll have a choice of a selection of topics as part of the afternoon's Mini Talk breakout sessions. Choose from a range of niche talks on equipment setup, sensory analysis & judging beers and a look back at older styles & the history of beer.

Richard Siberry

Brewer, Black Donkey

Richard started Black Donkey and launched “Sheep Stealer” in August 2014. Yeast forward beers are his favourites and in 2017 he harvested what became known as "Morrigan 1", a native Irish diastatic, wild yeast strain, from a cave in Co. Roscommon. Morrigan 1 is currently used in Black Donkey’s “Underworld” series.

Christina Wade

History of Beer in Ireland

From monastic ale-making to ritualistic Viking beer culture, this talk will be a crash course on brewing in medieval Ireland. This will be a brief overview of some of Christina's research from her forthcoming book about beer in Ireland.

Dave Leitch

Brewing Electronics

Dave originally graduated in electronics but has been writing software for the past 25 years. All that time he has been drinking great beer, so thought it was about time that he consolidated his interests and built a fully automated brewery.

Tom Coughlin

Planning your Brew Room

A homebrewer and BJCP certified beer judge since 2006, Tom started brewing at a time when most homebrew setups were home-built. Loves to brew: saisons, Belgium-inspired ales, and lagers. In real life, Tom is a professor at a small university in Philadelphia, USA.

Andrew Moore

Beoir, Beer Sensory Session

A focus on some of the more prevalent flavours found in beers. Going through some familiar beer styles and analysing their associated flavour and aroma components.

James Keane

BJCP Tasting Course

James is part of the organising team for the annual BJCP Tasting course held here in Dublin. This course runs once a week, typically for 8 classes. Each class tackles a different style or region from round the world. The course culminates with a BJCP tasting exam with the ultimate aim to improve judging standards and provide homebrewers with BJCP certified judges for competition.
This mini-talk will use our connections with distributors to bring you the rarest styles and highest rated beers from the tasting course. It will be an informal session, focusing on tasting, brewer feedback and beer style exploration.